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        1. Chinese

        Core values

        Market Is Priority, Customer Is God

        Enterprise slogan

        Focus On the Future and Pursue Diligently

        Enterprise Spirit

        Professional Innovation, Unity, Pragmatic, Keep Improving, Enterprising

        Enterprise Style

        Upright and Orders Obeyed, Quick Reaction, Work Hard, Dedication

        Management Idea

        • HR View——To Realize Personal Value Only By Realizing Enterprise's Value
        • Responsibility View——Success Comes From Undertaking Responsibilities
        • Good Faith View——To Become Tolerant and Bear Everything, Self-perfect Makes Others Benefited
        • Pragmatic View——Result-oriented
        • Study View——Competition Advantage Started from Constant Studying of Individual and Organization
        • Innovation View ——Surpass Selfhood, Pursue Excellence

        LOGO Definition

        The overall Logo symbolizes a Roc soaring highly. It implies that TungKong never stops , is innovative and steps toward a higher goal in the market competition. External circular frame means TungKong get along harmoniously with the
        outside world, and the society and the staff.